Safety First

At Zoom,  we make sure you are our number one concern.    We only have caring  independent contractor working with us.   

All of our Zoomers:

Love Seniors

Simple. Your caregiver will be delighted to meet you.  Have a good attitude.

No Criminal Record

We do the criminal record check legally permissible at the county, state and federal levels the caregiver has lived in the last seven years. 

Valid Driver's License

We take a copy when we first meet caregivers to confirm they are who they say they are.

Good Driving Record

We run their driving record when we first meet them and on an ongoing basis.

Age 22 or Older

Our caregivers are mature and respectful.

Has a NJ Inspection Sticker on Vehicle

In-person meeting with a member of the Zoom Ride team

Adopt our zero tolerance policy for smoking, drugs and alcohol while driving

Adopt the zero tolerance policy for illegal mobile device usage while a rider is in the car.

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I am so happy to finally have a service for our Seniors in the Village of Ridgewood and the surrounding towns. 

Edward Weiner, Always Best Care Senior Service


Do you help Seniors in and out of the vehicle?

Yes, we will assist the Senior get into and out of the vehicle.

Can family member make appt for Parent?

Yes, family member can call in for Parent to schedule a ride.

Will Zoom help my mom sign in when she arrives at Dr. Office?

Yes, we escort your mom into the Dr. office and check her in.  We will also stay with her if requested.