Our Mission: No Seniors Left Behind

Get on the Road

At Zoom Rides we care about Seniors being able to be independent and feel free to go anywhere they want without the hassles of calling a loved one for a ride!

A Smart Choice

  We are a safe, dependable concerige service for seniors, by escorting them door to door and making sure they have everything they need before they enter the car.  Some  vehicles are equipped with cameras for extra protection. 

 All of our drivers are caregivers. 

 We do it all with a Smile!

Aides love calling Zoom  their choice of transportation because they know we will pick them up on time rain or shine and beat or match Uber prices.

 We will know your name!

We have expanded our Service

Zoom is expanding its platform to other demographics.  We are helping  young adults with disabilities who need the comfort of knowing they have a safe service that provides that extra touch.

Starting this Fall we are opening our service to parents who want the security of knowing that their middle & high school kids are being picked up and taken to school or after school activities. Get your child to practice, games, off campus events safely and efficiently.   As a parent of two grown kids I remember how difficult it was for me to manage a business and have to drop everything to pick up the kids.  I'm happy to be providing this service to the next generation of parents in Bergen county!

Local Agency Partnerships

Our Service may include:

Day to Day Assistance & Activities

We have helped Seniors check in for medical appointments.

Accompanied seniors before and after an eye surgery.

Wake up calls so they don't miss their pick up times. 

Help seniors buy groceries and delivery to their kitchen.

Pick up medicine.

Take to Hair & Nail salon.

Go to Religious service.

Visit the Cemetery.

Take to visit Family.

Errand service like the post office, dry cleaning.

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Looking Forward to Helping You!

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